Some Months Are More Personal Than Others

April Family Ancestral Events With Missouri Connections

A glance at the calendar on caught my attention.
Family history events, in some months, are more personal than others. They are the months where dates are closer to the heart. April is one of those months.

April is extremely personal to me as my wife, Dixie Lee Vernon-Fugate, was born on 15 April 1958 in Staunton, Augusta, Virginia and then died on 21 April 2016 in McKinney, Collin, Texas. We were married just short of 37 years. I vividly remember the hospital room, the family members and where they stood, and the final minutes of her life on earth. All are etched in my memory.
Dixie Lee married Douglas Jay Fugate who was born 21 July 1955 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri . Their daughter, Courtney Nichole Fugate, was born in Fulton, Callaway, Missouri.

Other ancestors had major life events in April. Here is how each is connected to Missouri.

4 April 1863 – My 3rd great-grandmother, Electa Coleman, died in Litchfield, Hillsdale, Michigan. Her son, Reuben (my 2nd great-grandfather) would move to Missouri shortly after his marriage in 1868 to Susan Thompson.
5 April 1820 – My 5th great-grandmother, Almedia Mobley-Taylor, was born in Whitley, Indiana. Her oldest daughter, Elizabeth Taylor-Huggans, gave birth to her second child, Almedia’s first grandson, in October 1870 in Scotland County, Missouri.
6 April 1845 – My 4th great-grandmother, Elizabeth Taylor-Huggans, was born in Bartholomew, Indiana. Three of her seven children were born in Missouri. Her son, Ira Charles Huggans (my great-grandfather), was born in 1882 in Memphis, Scotland, Missouri.
11 April 1821 – My 5th great-grandmother, Hester Ann Stryker-Thompson, was born in New York. Her daughter, Susan Thompson (my 2nd great-grandmother) moved to Missouri shortly after her marriage to Reuben Peltar Coleman in 1868 in Michigan.
14 April 1907 – My 2nd great-grandmother, Nancy Clarinda Holcroft-Fugate, died in Greentop, Schuyler, Missouri. Clarinda had moved to Missouri prior to 1868 when she married Elbert Mitchell Fugate. They raised their family in Schuyler County, Missouri.
15 April 1801 – My 5th great-grandmother, Mary Agnes Sloan-Robbins, is believed to have been born in Pennsylvania on this date. Her son William (my 4th great-grandfather) moved to Linn County, Missouri in 1858 shortly after marrying Martha Cowan Christy.
15 April 1958 – Dixie Lee Vernon-Fugate born in Staunton, Augusta, Virginia. Dixie married me, Douglas Jay Fugate, in 1979. I was born in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri.
19 April 1775 – Lexington, Massachusetts, The Shot Heard ‘Round the World. Militia soldiers face off against British regulars at Lexington and then Concord, Massachusetts. – My 6th Great-Grandfather, Brintnel Robbins, was a young militiaman who responded to the alert. He did not arrive at Concord in time to join the fighting, but he did respond to the call. Brintnel Robbins was a private on that date. By the end of the war he had been commissioned an Ensign (2nd Lieutenant) in the Connecticut militia. His grandson, William was my 4th great-grandfather who moved from Pennsylvania to Missouri in 1858.
21 April 2016 – Dixie Lee Vernon-Fugate died in McKinney, Collin,Texas. Dixie lived in Fulton, Callaway, Missouri for three months while I was arranging military housing in Germany in 1991.
23 April 1838 – My 2nd great-grandfather, William Harrison Faucett, was born in Orange County, Indiana. He moved to Missouri prior to 1860. In 1862 he married Martha Susan Rebecca Fryrear in Schuyler County, Missouri. They raised their family in Scotland County, Missouri.
28 April 1829 – My 3rd great-grandparents, Zephaniah Faucett and Mary Horn-Faucett, were married in Orange, Sampson, North Carolina. Their son, William Harrison Faucett, moved to Missouri prior to 1860.
29 April 1833 – My 3rd great-grandmother, Catherine Howald-Stilabower, was born in Pennsylvania. Her son, Jacob W. Stilabower, moved his family to Linn County, Missouri about 1886.

You will find as you research your family, certain months will be closer to your heart than others. Some months will have more family history events.
Make a note of them. Share them with your family. These that are important to you, are or will be, important to them too.

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