William Webster Gunnell IV – Sometimes Stated Relationships Are Just Hints

I received an email stating my 8th great-grandfather, William Webster Gunnell IV, was born in England.

I was not familiar with this 8th Great-grandfather.

I clicked on the link to see HOW I am related to this individual.
I found that someone has extended my John Whitaker Standifird and Elizabeth Cofer line.

I have verified my relationship back to John Whitaker Standifird (1778-1845) and Elizabeth Cofer (1780-1838). They are my 4th great-grandparents.

From a previous hint, I have William Cofer and Esther ?? as possible parents to Elizabeth. This came from a public family tree. There was no source or documentation provided.

Now I have someone claiming that William Cofer (1752- July 1808) born and died in Bullitt county, Kentucky married in Nelson County, Kentucky in 1770 an Esther Thomas (1750-1808) from Bullitt County, Kentucky.

There is no documentation for this information.

My problem with this claim is that it continues on for three more generations – Catherine Gunnell (1775- deceased) (no documentation), Henry M. Gunnell (1705-1792) (a reference to a will), and finally William Webster Gunnell IV (1676-1760). There are 6 sources attached to William, four appear valid documents with two as family trees.

I always look at information like this as a CLUE.

This information could be accurate.

Too often I find relatives, friends and patrons who blindly accept public posted information as Absolute Proof.

I have found that in most instances this is not the case.

I caution everyone to check, verify, and if possible, re-check and re-verify the information provided as “hints” or “suggestion” or even “online proof”.  Too often individuals post online, information they “heard” or are passing down a “verified” family story.

As for me, I am looking forward to verifying the hints regarding the Cofer to Gunnell lines. I just might be related to William Webster Gunnell IV.

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