Memorial Day 2019 – My Ancestors Who Died in Uniform

Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor those who have given “their last full measure of devotion.”  My ancestors have died in several conflicts from the American Revolution to World War II.

These are my ancestors – the honored dead I have identified thus far:

Private Joseph Robins – Died Valley Forge, Pa May 1778

Private William Jones Cowan – died Goliad, Tx Mar 1836

Private Thomas B. Cowan – died Yorktown, Va Sep 1861

Private John Y. Cowan – died Manassas, Va Dec 1861

Private John D. Cowan – Sharpsburg, Md Sep 1862

2Lt. James Pinkney Cowan – died Chancellorsville, VA May 1863

2st Thomas Allison Cowan – died Gettysburg, Pa July 1863

Sergeant Nathan Hamilton – died Gettysburg, Pa July 1863

1st Sgt George W. Faucett – died Wilderness, Va May 1864

Corporal Daniel Fugate – died Point Lookout, Md July 1864

Corporal, Guy Wentworth Selden – Died St. Mihiel, France Sep 1918

1Lt. Robert Benjamin Fugate – died At Sea Jan 1945

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